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We know that you want to do all that you can to ensure a secure future for your loved ones and to be a good steward of your assets. Sound planning and prudent asset management will help you achieve these goals. The scope of both short and long term financial needs must be clearly established, and the ability and discipline to meet those needs must be objectively assessed. Income, estate, and gift tax considerations must be carefully and accurately analyzed. Appropriate investment strategies must be developed. The use of trusts and other suitable legal structures must be explored. Once decisions have been made and plans put into place, they must be carried out. Reports must be produced and accountings regularly made.

Dorsey & Whitney Trust Company offers the wide array of services that support achievement of your goals. Initially, we made our services available only to clients of the Dorsey law firm. We greatly value these relationships, and continue to expand the number of law firm clients whom we serve. We maintain a clear distinction between our trust company services and professional services provided through the law firm. Trust company fee schedules, which detail the scope of our services, are available upon request. Our fees are separate and apart from fees that you pay as a law firm client.

As a client of the law firm who also utilizes the services of Dorsey & Whitney Trust Company, you enjoy the convenience of coordinated, seamless counsel well-positioned to consider the whole picture. Your Dorsey estate planning attorney is your family counselor and will continue to do legal work for you and your family, as well as your business interests. Also serving as an officer of Dorsey & Whitney Trust Company, he or she will be your trust company relationship manager, integrating our services with those of the law firm.

You do not, however, need to be a client of the Dorsey law firm to become a client of Dorsey & Whitney Trust Company. Both the law firm and the trust company are firmly committed to respecting existing attorney-client relationships. All trust company clients have the same access to our dedicated professional staff and the following comprehensive array of services:

  • Investment advice and management. Through independent firms with which we maintain relationships, we are well-suited to providing these services in the event you do not have an established relationship of your own.

  • Asset custody and transaction processing. Our custodial services are supported by the same state-of-the-art technology utilized by some of the largest financial institutions in the country.

  • Accounting and reporting. Our technology platform allows us to produce periodic statements of account in a variety of formats, whether monthly or other frequency of your choice. Numerous other reports detailing account holdings and transactional activity also are available. Statements and reports will be mailed to you. We also offer internet access to statements and reports, and much of the activity in your account may be viewed on a real time basis via the internet.

  • Tax compliance. Customarily, we prepare all tax returns for the trusts and estates that we administer, and promptly report the information required for preparation of your individual income tax returns. We also offer access to individual return preparation should you have need for this service.

  • Philanthropic services. We are staffed and equipped to process grants and distributions from family foundations and charitable trusts, as well as prepare and file their tax returns and other governmental reports.

  • Estate administration; guardianships and conservatorships. We are qualified in South Dakota, Washington, and selected other states to act as a personal representative in decedentsí estates, as well as a court-appointed guardian or conservator.

  • Family financial maintenance. We can maintain, review, and update your personal and household financial accounts and records. We can pay bills, coordinate the sale of major assets (e.g., houses, art and other collectibles, boats, aircraft), and even coordinate the evaluation and management of health and life insurance policies, as well as property and casualty policies.
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