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Investment Approach
Dorsey & Whitney Trust Company does not employ its own staff of investment analysts and portfolio managers.  We respect the professional expertise and long term track records of a wide array of investment advisory firms.  They have built their businesses the same way that we have built ours: hiring, developing, and retaining a well-educated, deeply experienced group of professionals whose substantive expertise and relationship management skills attract, retain, and reward loyal clients.  If you are well-served by such an investment advisor (or by more than one), we provide the relationship, administrative, operations, and technology support that will allow your advisor to handle investments in your accounts with Dorsey & Whitney Trust Company as seamlessly as with your current custodian.

We will add value to the services provided by your investment advisor through our estate, gift, and income tax planning expertise.  We understand the importance of after-tax investment returns, as well as the less visible impact of disproportionate transaction costs.  We will work with you and your investment advisor in developing, implementing, and monitoring investment strategies appropriate for your financial and estate planning goals.  To this end, we have performance measurement capabilities comparable to those maintained by your investment advisor and can provide periodic performance reports that range from rudimentary to sophisticated and highly detailed.

If you do not currently have an established investment management relationship, Dorsey & Whitney Trust Company is prepared to assist you in selecting a manager that offers the best fit for your financial objectives and personal circumstances. We have identified numerous investment management firms that are well-suited to serve the needs of our clients, and our efforts are ongoing to seek out additional firms that follow investment disciplines appropriate for fiduciary assets.

We do not sponsor any mutual fund families, whether proprietary to Dorsey & Whitney Trust Company or by arrangement with outside fund distributors.
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